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If you’re new to the world of acupuncture, it’s easy to understand why it might seem intimidating at first glance. Anything involving needles is usually given a wide berth. However, around 3.5 million Americans enjoy acupuncture treatments every year, and the benefits are well-documented. Read on to learn more about how acupuncture works and how it can change your life.

What is Acupuncture?

Acupuncture is a practice that has been performed for over 2,500 years and is a component of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM). In an acupuncture treatment, the practitioner gently inserts very fine needles (so thin that many people report feeling no pain whatsoever) into specific points of the body.

Acupuncture developed based on the Chinese philosophy that the body is filled with and powered by a force called qi. When flowing freely and correctly through the body’s pathways (called meridians), qi is thought to be responsible for good physical and mental health.

The end goal of acupuncture is to ensure that your body and your mind are both healthy and in a state of positive well-being. This can take the form of pain relief, increased feelings of relaxation, and for some clients, can aid in the development of positive lifestyle changes.

How Acupuncture Works

There are two different ways that acupuncture affects the body. The first works in accordance with the traditional view of the body’s well-being with regard to qi balance. The needles are gently inserted at specific points along the meridian pathways, which helps clear blockages and encourage the free flow of qi. This creates a sense of well-being and sets the stage for better overall health.

From a Western perspective, acupuncture works by stimulating the nerves and muscles at specific points along the body. This increases and improves natural blood flow, and it also encourages the body to produce and release neurochemicals that function as a natural form of painkiller. Additionally, even though the placement of the needles causes little to no pain, the body still recognizes them and enters into a self-healing mode, which can provide relief from existing pain and work to help heal other ailments.

Versatile & Natural: Acupuncture in Your Life

Acupuncture is a complete, holistic health care system, which means that it treats all of you, not just one symptom. In addition to providing pain relief for a wide array of ailments, it also naturally strengthens the immune system and improves your emotional health, helping your body and your mind remain healthy.

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