Acupuncture for Overcoming Addiction

Overcome Addiction with Acupuncture

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Sadly, addiction impacts millions of lives every year, and whether it involves drugs or alcohol it also contributes to thousands of deaths in the United Sates on a yearly basis. Did you know that on average, approximately 30 Americans die daily due to drinking and driving, and six Americans die every day from alcohol poisoning?

Battling addiction is an extremely difficult journey that usually requires a combination of treatment methods and approaches for successful recovery. It is a thorough process that comprises looking after the body, soul, and mind. While some patients turn to medical intervention or rehab facilities, others suffering from substance abuse are exploring alternative non-traditional methods to help treat their addiction.

Acupuncture is just one prime example.


How Might Acupuncture Aid in Addiction Recovery?

In Chinese medicine, the belief is that performing acupuncture helps to balance yin and yang energies. When a person suffers from substance abuse, acupuncture nourishes the yin energy, cultivating a balance of their natural energies, which leads to healing.  Acupuncture treatments can suppress patient cravings for drugs and alcohol while also creating feelings of relief from withdrawal symptoms. Patients suffering from addiction to painkillers particularly, are likely to see a decline in stress and pain after acupuncture treatment. More and more studies reveal it can be a powerful component in the detoxification process and addiction recovery program.

Acupuncture isn’t exactly a new treatment method for addiction; in fact, a study performed back in 1989 involved patients suffering from alcoholism. The experiment involved 80 alcoholics requiring recovery. Half of the patients participated in counseling along with acupuncture, while the remaining half received counseling sessions only.

The Results? Patients who opted for both forms of treatment were twice as likely to refrain from alcohol.

Since then, we are noticing an increase in the number of drug rehabilitation and treatment centres incorporating it as part of their addiction recovery program.

How Else Can Acupuncture Help?

·         Reduces stress and anxiety

·         Improves sleep habits

·         Helps treat depression

An Individualized Approach to Recovery

Recovering from addiction needs to be individualized for change to be possible. Why? We all have unique experiences, difficulties, insecurities, stresses and other components that make us who we are, that are entirely different from the next person. Addiction treatment should address these key qualities that shape who we are, thus reflect a customized approach on an individual basis.

For some, acupuncture might be an attractive treatment option for addiction recovery, especially if a holistic approach is desired or recommended.

Along with acupuncture, a holistic treatment program for addiction may include any of the following:

  • Reiki
  • Yoga
  • Meditation
  • Nutritional therapy
  • Herbal Medicine
  • Massage


Why Try Acupuncture at All Points Acupuncture & Wellness Center?


Give our clinic a call to learn more about our comprehensive consultations that do not follow a cookie-cutter approach to care. While acupuncture might not be a cure on its own, it can offer integral care in your overall addiction treatment plan.

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November 18, 2019