Choose Local: The Benefits of Acupuncture Near You

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You’ve decided you’re interested in acupuncture. Congratulations! That’s the first step towards a healthier and happier future. Now, there’s only one more thing to figure out: do you find an acupuncturist near you, or do you drive to a practice in a larger city? There are benefits to both, but local businesses boast several advantages that larger practices just can’t compete with.

Why Should I Go to Acupuncture Near Me?

If you live in a small town, or on the outskirts of a larger one, your automatic thought when you need a product or a service may be to go into the city. After all, cities are where everything is, right?

However, if you follow this instinct, you could be overlooking a gem of a practice right around the corner. Quality of service isn’t determined by location, but the following three benefits definitely are.

  • No one wants to fight city traffic for an hour to get somewhere. This becomes especially important if your acupuncturist recommends regular treatments. You’re more likely to keep up with the treatment if you only have to drive a few minutes to get there, which means that you’re giving yourself the best chance of success even before you decide on a practice.
  • Your acupuncturist will be working with you to provide holistic care for both your body and your mind. You won’t just be checking in once in a while; your acupuncturist is effectively going to become your partner in developing better health. Would you rather work with someone who sees you as one patient out of hundreds or someone who’s a member of your immediate community and values your business?
  • It’s estimated that for every $100 you spend at a local business, $68 goes right back into your local community. Smaller businesses also generate a smaller carbon footprint than large corporations or practices, which means that when you go to a local business, you’re not just making a good choice for you – you’re making a choice to help the environment, too.


What Should I Look for in an Acupuncturist?

All right, so you’ve found a few locations that interest you. How do you choose between them? By and large, the acupuncturist is the deciding factor for most patients. You want to make sure that they’re bringing the right combination of knowledge and compassion to your treatments, so before you make your final decision, ask plenty of questions.

  • Are they a Licensed Acupuncturist? – If someone started up their acupuncture practice after watching a few YouTube videos, you’ll definitely want to look elsewhere. Licensed Acupuncturists are legally required to have between 1,800-2,400 hours of education and training, must be certified through the National Certification Commission for Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine (NCCAOM), and must have acquired a proper license through the Board of Medical Practice in their state.
  • What style of acupuncture do they offer? – The principle is the same, but when it comes to acupuncture, there’s TCM, Japanese style, Korean style, and auricular – and that’s just to name a few. Acupuncture will still provide you with a wealth of benefits, but you’ll be able to make a decision with more clarity and confidence if you know what kind of treatment you can expect to receive.
  • What would treatment with this acupuncturist look like? – Will you be able to look forward to entering a clean, relaxing environment? Will your acupuncturist provide any additional services, like cupping or heat therapy? Consider (and ask!) what an average appointment at this acupuncture practice will look and feel like.


I Know Where I Want to Go for Acupuncture. Now What?

When you’ve found the right acupuncturist, you’ll know. All that remains is to set up your first appointment!

During this initial consultation, your local acupuncturist will perform a physical exam, take down the details of your health history, and present you with your preliminary treatment plan. This treatment plan will take into account your goals for acupuncture (whether you’re looking for better physical health alone or whether you want to integrate total-body wellness) as well as your existing lifestyle and wellness habits.

With your first visit complete, you’re well on your way to a healthier, happier tomorrow.

If you’d like more information on our acupuncture and TCM treatment options, please call our office at (201) 843-3633. You can also send us a message online.

April 21, 2020