Essential Care: Acupuncture’s Role in Postpartum Recovery

postpartum care

If you’re a new mother, you know that having a baby is one of the most incredible and beautiful experiences you can be blessed with. No doubt, it takes an undeniable level of strength to prepare for and, of course, birth your little one! It’s a life changing milestone that comes with so much excitement, but also inevitable challenges that can be difficult to deal with.

Postpartum care is an important time to not only focus on the needs of your baby, but to also set aside time to focus on your well being. Many mothers experience physical and mental obstacles as they transition into the new role of motherhood; after all, hormones require time to level out and suddenly you have a tiny new human that you are totally responsible for. This is only normal!

Have You Tried Acupuncture?

Postpartum acupuncture can be a very beneficial resource for overcoming the physical and mental difficulties of everyday life following delivery. Turning to acupuncture treatment postpartum can enhance the speed at which you recover and help you cope with the many common issues faced by new mothers.

 Aids in Postpartum Healing

If you have yet to go through childbirth, you may be under the impression that the pain dissipates following childbirth. While we certainly wish this was the case and our bodies would bounce back effortlessly as we marvel at our sweet, precious bundle, unfortunately this just isn’t the reality. Remember: our bodies just produced and birthed a tiny little human. A miracle, yes, but one that takes a toll on the body. New mothers will often experience pain, soreness, bleeding, fatigue, and urinary incontinence shortly after giving birth, which can leave one feeling discouraged and uncomfortable.

For alternative therapy that can aid in healing these symptoms, consider turning to a professional Acupuncturist. Postpartum acupuncture alleviates these symptoms through the following ways:

  • Improves muscle tone
  • Raises prolapsed organs
  • Strengthens bladder control
  • Stop ongoing bleeding
  • Heals C-Section scars and lowers pain levels

Improves Mental Health

New mothers can go through debilitating mental stressors during postpartum that can range from the “baby blues”, a period of sadness that affects 50-70% of mothers to some degree, to the more severe possibility of postpartum depression. Acupuncture treatment can relieve some of these burdens, working to promote positive energy throughout the body. Regular sessions support hormone restoration, improving the imbalances that cause symptoms of anxiety and sadness. It also helps increase your appetite and levels of relaxation by signalling the release of mood-boosting neurochemicals like dopamine. Pretty interesting, right?

Re-establishes Balance

Once you’ve delivered your baby, your physical and mental focus is solely directed towards caring for and nourishing him or her. With all the stress of delivery and hormonal shifts, your body has a lot of work to do to get back on track in terms of regulating itself. The primary goal behind acupuncture is to inspire harmony throughout the body, which makes it an efficient way to re-balance and restore following the labour process.

Postpartum Acupuncture Can be Used to:

  • Encourage lactation (a process that can be negatively influenced by postpartum anxiety)
  • Regulate sleep cycles, preventing night sweats
  • Increase energy and vitality levels
  • Prevent nausea from stress, digestive problems, and headaches
  • Sustain a healthy weight

When Should Postpartum Acupuncture Begin?

Acupuncture sessions should preferably begin shortly after delivery and continue for approximately a month for the best results. While each body is different and this will vary slightly, it’s crucial to re-establish equilibrium throughout your body as quickly as possible. Making self-care a priority creates mental space to focus on the beauty you brought into this world and be the best mom you can be! It’s truly an advantage for both Mom and baby.

Are you in the Rochelle Park region looking for acupuncture? All Points Acupuncture will happily be your resource for postpartum acupuncture. Give us a call and we’ll discuss your questions and concerns.


October 14, 2019