Menopause: How Acupuncture Can Help

On average, women enter menopause at roughly age 51. In some cases, it can last two-five years and in other situations, it may go on for as long as ten. Typically, menopause symptoms arise when a woman is transitioning out of her childbearing years and into non-childbearing years; hormonal fluctuations occur and bring on an array of unpleasant changes in the body.

Symptoms include mood changes, migraines, fatigue, weight gain, night sweaters, sleep disorders and more.

Women who have concerns surrounding hormone replacement therapy (HRT) and its long-term effects are beginning to look at natural alternatives to help with menopause. Acupuncture is one such consideration, as the relaxation it encourages can help release serotonin, which in turn provides a natural sense of health and well-being. It has also been demonstrated to be an effective treatment for hot flashes.

Acupuncture, through All Points Acupuncture & Wellness Center, may help to eliminate or at the very least reduce symptoms of Menopause through guiding the body into a well-balanced hormonal state in the body, rather than fighting the process from occurring.

If you’d like to learn more about acupuncture, our FAQ page answers many of the most common questions.


I was never a believer of holistic medicine...until my mother persuaded me to visit Marissa. That was the best decision I have ever made. At this time I have been receiving treatment for a year (i.e. upper and lower back pain, debilitating menstrual pain, and tibia (area) tightness). Not only has she decreased my pain and discomfort significantly, but she is also a pleasure to see. Very warm, inviting, knowledgeable and makes everyone feel comfortable. She truly cares about her patients and their well-being. I would hands down recommend this place. Try it! You will not be disappointed.

Stephanie D.

Prior to being treated by Marissa, I had severe pain in my shoulders from years of heavy weight lifting.  I was to the point where I had very limited range of motion and was in pain every day. I've been seeing Marissa for a few months now, and I can honestly say she has been a miracle worker. My pain in both shoulders is virtually gone and I have full range of motion once again. I can't thank Marissa enough for treating me. I highly recommended everyone who is considering acupuncture to go see Marissa at All Points Acupuncture and Wellness Center.

John C.

I found Marissa and tried acupuncture treatments because the headaches I was having were progressively getting worse - I felt that there was some other stuff going on with alignment and well being in general as there was pain in my neck and back and back of my head as well.  I had been suffering a real downturn in quality of life and needed help.  I have noticed improvements in my energy level, and overall wellness.  Pain has decreased in general and especially the migraines.  I have been receiving treatments for about a month and a half and I highly recommend.   This is a process and it will take a while and I understand that - already I have hope for improved quality of life!  Miracle is a strong word, and I know that these treatments are proven to work on migraines, so its not a miracle...  It is thrilling though - the better I feel, the more like myself I feel and I can afford to spend the energy on self improvement instead of just hanging in a low cycle.

Robin O.

Started using Marissa Liza and the practice almost 8 months ago initially for weight loss assistance and I am glad I picked this route. I am currently down 60 pounds, feel great, and the support I receive is far better than any current commercial weight reduction program. In addition to weight reduction, I have seen the practice for back issues, digestive problems, flu symptoms, and general wellness. Thank you Marissa for making my life a more pleasant place to be. I would recommend and have acupuncture to anyone and everyone, but it’s not just the acupuncture that makes this worthwhile, it’s the practitioner and I would trust no one else besides this practice.

Robert Mack

I have been seeing Marissa Liza since April of 2018 and have been happy with every visit. I began with hopes of treating my seasonal allergies, after 2 times a week for about a month- I stopped taking my allergy medicine 🙂 I then began to ask about other issues that I have been having which included: my sleeping habits-which have improved, my lower back pain-which has decreased, my monthly cramps-which have lessened. I have made extra appointments when I was feeling sick- sore throat, congested, lethargic and after treatment & 1 day of rest my symptoms were gone and I was back to my daily routine. I would recommend giving Marissa a call to see what she can do for you.

Joyce W.

I went to Marissa Liza for a tennis elbow issue. I couldn't even pick up a mug of coffee it was so bad! She knew exactly what to do and in only 2 visits I felt 90% better! I was amazed and until this I never believed in Acupuncture. I went to her again for a sever pain in the Trochanter area in my thigh. The pain was so bad I couldn't sleep at night and would pace the floor for hours it was that bad. The Orthopedist wanted to give me Steroids which i did not take but instead went to Marissa. In a few visits I was practically pain free!! I kept going to Marissa until I was sure the issue was entirely gone and it has not come back and it's been over 7 months. Marissa is amazing!!

Sandy F.

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