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Acupuncture is an effective form of medical treatment that has evolved into a complete holistic health care system. Practitioners of acupuncture and Chinese medicine have used this noninvasive treatment method for over 2,500 years to help millions of people become well and stay well.

A Complete Holistic Health Care System

Acupuncture is unique in that it promotes natural healing, using your body’s own abilities rather than relying on drugs or medication. It can enhance recuperative power and immunity, support physical and emotional health, and improve overall function and well-being. It is a safe, painless and effective way to treat a wide variety of medical problems.


How you feel:  Overwhelmed, stressed, inability to deal with daily life.

How we treat you: calm your nervous system, promote blood flow and release the happy hormones such as serotonin.

How you feel after we treat you:  Ability to handle everyday life stress, feel more in control of your life.

Digestive problems/ Irritable bowel syndrome

How you feel:  Constipated, bloated, sluggish after eating, heartburn, inability to lose weight

How we treat: Reboot your digestive system to promote healthy digestion, reduce bloating and discomfort while increasing metabolism.

How you feel after we treat you:  Healthier appetite, reduction in cravings, more complete complete bowel cycle.

Lower back pain

How you feel:  Constant pain, inability to perform activities of daily living without pain, reduction in ability to sleep and exercise without pain. 

How we treat you:  Reduce muscle spasm, tightness and inflammation, promote blood flow to the affected area to speed healing.

How you feel after we treat you:  Reduction in pain, feel like yourself again, able to participate in your favorite activities.

Premenstrual syndrome

How you feel:  One week a month is the worst week of your life. Mood swings, bloated, cravings, pain.

How we treat you:  balance hormones naturally, reduce cramping by promoting blood flow.

How do you feel after we treat you:  painless periods, even tempered throughout cycle, less cramping and bloating.


How do you feel:  Loss of interest in everyday life, overwhelming sadness, feelings of isolation and loneliness.

How we treat you: Naturally increase production of serotonin, improve blood and oxygen flow to the brain. Regulate nervous system for optimal function.

How do you feel after we treat you:  Improved mental outlook, desire to participate in activities of joy, mental clarity.


How do you feel:  Chronic muscle pain and fatigue, sore and achy joints.  Inability to perform activities of daily living without discomfort. Feeling and heavy and sluggish.

How we treat you:  Promote blood flow throughout the body, reduce severity of symptoms, improve muscle function.

How do you feel after we treat you: More energy, less achiness and soreness, improved ability to participate in leisure activities.

Some of the health concerns that acupuncture can effectively treat:​



Carpal tunnel syndrome

Common cold

Dental pain

Digestive trouble

​Emotional problems

Eye problems



Hormonal Imbalance


Low back pain

Menstrual irregularities

Morning sickness


Postpartum recovery


Shoulder pain

Sleep disturbances

Sore throat​

Tooth pain

Urinary tract infections

Wrist pain

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